More than 80 Triathletes and Duathletes measured their Fitness.

May 24, 2013

Under the Triathlon Federations KeepFit Program more than 80 Athletes came out on Sunday Morning with best conditions to test their fitness. Even though it had more than the average Sunday morning traffic the TTTF brought home another accident free Event, that resulted in Nicholas Mitchell coming home first in 1:07:28 and Ancil Greene second in 1:07.45. Renee Chin Lee came in first female in 1:18.58
The course saw slight changes in the ride and Run segment. Those were mainly to ensure, that everything was within correct distances as the National Juniors and Seniors battled for tickets to the PanAmerican Cup in Edmonton, Canada next Month. While Ancil Greene in the Seniors made the Qualifying time in the Seniors in the Juniors it was Nicholas Mitchell as the lone Athlete matching the Time of 1:10.00, Aleem Mohammed came close with 1:11.12 and Renee Chin lee had also a near miss with her time as the set was 1:15.00 for the Girls. Joshua Ho was also within 5mins of the Qualifying time with 1:13.52.
In the Duathlon, as usual Avinash Anamalay put out an impressive 1:08.55 given the Fact, that he came to a 5minutes halt with a flat right in front of the Transition area, which had the spectators see him sprinting to his coaches car to pick up the spare and change the wheel to get back going. Despite that he still had over 1minute advantage at the finish over second placed Marlon Scott with 1:10.05
Next stop for our Athletes is Edmonton for some and the Rainbow Cup for others which this Year enjoys the Sanctioning of the Federation, both of those Events take Place on June 22nd, while the National Triathlon Championship will be held on July 21st

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